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Industrial sensors for automation 4.0: temperature, pressure, humidity

In terms of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things, a key part of industrial automation is represented by wireless sensors. These are highly sensitive devices capable of detecting and measuring a wide range of physical and chemical parameters, recording the data and sending them to computer systems.

Among the main wireless sensors for industrial use we can find, for example:

  • - Temperature sensors to detect changes in air or surface temperature;
  • - Pressure sensors to measure the difference between two pressure forces;
  • - Humidity sensors to quantify the humidity in the surrounding environment.

Industrial sensors can measure many other parameters and often simultaneously, such as air quality, water leakage, pulse count, open/closed contact, etc.

The versatility of use and installation of industrial sensors allows them to be used in a variety of fields: from the medical and food sectors for temperature control, to the agricultural sector for crop monitoring; from surveillance and security for burglary or break-in detections, to logistics and transport for ensuring the cold chain.

Efento: Digimax partner for industrial wireless sensors

In the field of industrial wireless sensors, Digimax has chosen Efento as its partner for industrial automation and IoT projects. A young and innovative European company focused on wireless sensors, cloud platforms and mobile app.

Efento's sensors use the most innovative wireless technologies as Bluetooth Low Energy, Narrowband IoT and LTE-M, with standard communication protocols for data collection in cloud platforms. Data is sent via cellular networks and national telephone operators.

In this way the monitoring and analysis of physical-chemical parameters is extremely easy and fast for the end user, and can be done via SMS or through the Efento app available in Google Play Store. The Efento wireless sensors do not require any special infrastructure, allowing them to be implemented in any smart automation and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) project.

Efento industrial sensors are easy to install, integrable, economical and universal.

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