Digimax LAB

A high-tech laboratory to be able to test the latest news in the world of Lighting and Industrial PC

What is Digimax LAB

Digimax LAB is an area of ​​160sqm built during 2018 in which a real technical laboratory was built for those who wish to compare and test the solutions offered from Digimax within the Lighting, Industrial and IoT sector.

Thanks to the advice of our specialized technicians it is possible to better understand the technical characteristics of the products presented within Digimax LAB, as well as the advantages of the integrated solutions that can be realized.

Digimax is able to offer a wide range of power supplies, industrial PCs, displays, lighting products such as COB, LED strips and drivers as well as sensors and quality components, all proposed through professional advice, dedicated and customized.

Why we made it

We have decided to create Digimax LAB to offer our customers a unique, innovative and personalized service in order to develop synergies and win-win relationships able to anticipate market needs.

Being able to simulate the integration of different components, being able to perform compatibility and performance checks provides our customers with the tranquility and security of being able to start with a new project, also thanks to the suggestions of our specialized technicians.

Within our laboratory, it is, in fact, possible to obtain a detailed pre and post-sales consultancy as well as the repair or replacement service of a particular product (RMA).

How to visit our lab

Living the experience inside the Digimax LAB is very simple: just contact your dedicated account and set a date to visit the laboratory. If you still don't know us, send your request by writing at digimax@digimax.it and we will take care of organizing the visit.


Possibilities and Opportunities

To create the Digimax LAB we have identified some main thematic areas, such as street lighting, building automation, programming, dimming, signal management, embedded kit, AI, etc.

Thanks to these examples and the tools available, we can technically compare similar products in order to demonstrate the advantages and objective strengths of the solutions adopted within our research and development departments.

Through intelligent applications like Smart Lighting with Lora protocol, Casambi, KNX for ecosystem lighting and Machine Vision and Artificial intelligence for the industrial ecosystem it is possible to interact with the new technologies that are entering the European and international markets.

Within our Laboratory, it is also possible to follow refresher courses on new products and new technologies so as to always keep pace with the latest developments in the sector.

Benefits and Strengths

Visiting Digimax LAB the advantages are many:

  • The opportunity to learn about our way of working and to benefit from our experience;
  • Audit our company;
  • The opportunity to talk and discuss with different product specialists, in order to achieve the best possible projects.

Don't miss this chance and take advantage of this news!