Digimax Showroom

A permanent showroom for the Industrial and Lighting sectors

Digimax has created for its customers an innovative exhibition space, completely structured on an interactive and experiential journey through successful case histories, products, and solutions for the lighting and industrial sectors.

Our Showroom presents two different areas: 

Interactive Lighting area 

Let yourself be carried away by light effects in our space dedicated to the Lighting Ecosystem, configured easily and quickly from your own smartphone and Dalcnet’s Casambi control units.

The lighting project of the Digimax Showroom includes over 100 meters of Strip LED Colors powered by Meanwell LED drivers, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications that require high reliability and dimmable options, and a COB LED system on the ceiling that, combined with a sensor, facilitating the visit illuminating the section affected by your passage from time to time.

All the technologies within the showroom are among the most innovative on the market: as a matter of the fact, in the lighting area, you can find LED Dim to Warm, RGB and Tunable White, all solutions designed to be flexible and configurable directly by the end-user.

 Industry 4.0 area

The space dedicated to the industrial applications focuses on particular topics such as IoT Internet of Things, Street Lighting, Smart Cities, Intelligent Smart Energy, and IoT Agriculture. 

     Through some specific case histories, it will be possible to discover the practical application of some solutions such as Smart Lighting with Lora protocol and real-time face recognition with Advantech WebAccess-SCADA software.

      The visit continues showing our wide variety of products such as Mean Well power supplies, Embedded PCs and motherboards for industrial automation, Switches for industrial networking and TFT Ampire Displays.

    The entire exhibition consists of the solutions proposed by Digimax and thus becomes itself a demonstration of the experience and potential of the commercialized applications.


       Do not waste any more time and contact us for a visit!