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Cincon is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial and medical switching power supplies, desktop power supplies and AC/DC wall mount.

Cincon Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global manufacturer of industrial, medical, desktop and AC/DC wall mount switching power supplies. Cincon designs and manufactures RoHS compliant power supplies that meet international safety standards. All AC/DC power supplies and a portion of Cincon's DC/DC converters are UL and TUV certified and CE marked. In addition, Cincon power supplies can be approved according to the PSE and CCC directives upon specific customer request.

Thanks to the partnership with Cincon, Digimax boasts a catalogue of over 1200 products including single and multiple output power supplies, dc/dc converters from 1W to 200W, adapters from 5W to 100W and open frame power supply from 5W to 750W.

In addition, Digimax offers customized power supplies trying to meet the needs of customers by focusing on product quality at affordable prices. Reliability is the strength of Cincon, which performs rigorous burn-in tests on its products before introducing them to the market. Cincon, in addition to being an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company, boasts an important production line with state-of-the-art machinery that Digimax, as the Italian leader in the distribution of professional power supplies, distributes throughout the country with the professionalism and efficiency that distinguish it.

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