List of products by brand FSP GROUP INC

FSP Group is one of the global leading power supply manufacturer.

FSP Group is the world's fifth largest manufacturer of power supplies. The company, founded in 1993, has created an excellent team of people impregnated in research and development, implementing excellent production capacity and working on product quality to offer the market technologically advanced solutions.

The introduction of information technology in FSP's business processes has made concrete and monitorable the growth and commercial development of FSP Italia industrial power supplies, U-Bracket series and ATX and ATX DD power supplies.

The main objective of FSP Group power supplies is to develop green power products, in compliance with the latest regulations, improving the RD potential and expanding the production platform to new product families - including LED driver - in order to consolidate the presence on the market of products such as power supplies for LCD TVs, medical power supplies, for industrial computers and servers.

Digimax believes in consolidating FSP Fortron in the industrial market, laying the foundations for a partnership that is consolidated year after year. Browse the catalogue of FSP products selected for you by Digimax, the Italian distributor of FSP Group.

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