Professional Lighting Consulting

Quali sono le migliori applicazioni per smart industry e building automation

Illuminazione professionale LED

Professional LED Lighting

The DIGIMAX group addresses all Companies and Professionals interested in professional lighting and in particular LED Lighting, to offer consultancy and integrated solutions for the world of professional lighting.


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Neon flex strip LED Colors proposta da Digimax

DIGIMAX is a leading distributor of power supplies, drivers and LED products, and the ideal partner able to offer customised solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting, combining light sources such as COB, LED Strips or Panels with the most suitable LED drivers.

The creation of an entire interconnected products ecosystem (from LED drivers to dimmer control units) has allowed DIGIMAX to stand out in the market and offer real added value to its customers.

Lighting solutions

    • LED Drivers

  • Driver LED AC/DC per applicazioni di illuminazione
    • LED Dimmers

  • Centraline di controllo LED con standard DMX, DALI e CASAMBI
    • LED Strips and Neon Flex

  • Strisce LED e Neon Flex Strip LED
    • LED COB

  • COB LED Citizen rispondenti alla normativa EcoDesign
    • LED Lens and Optics

  • Lenti e riflettori per applicazioni LED
    • LED Heat Sinks

  • Dissipatori LED per applicazioni di illuminazione


  • Alimentatori MeanWell

  • snappy_1.jpg

  • Driver LED Eaglerise per applicazioni di illuminazione
  • dalc.jpg

  • Casambi
  • Strisce led e neon flex Colors
  • Illuminazione LED Citizen
  • Lendi LEDiL per COB LED

  • Lenti LensVector con regolazione dinamica del fascio
  • Dissipatori MechaTronix per COB LED



DIGIMAX partner suppliers

DIGIMAX works in synergy with a number of partner suppliers and sector leaders, including Mean Well, Snappy, Colors and Citizen.

Advanced lighting control is the distinctive element of DIGIMAX, through the use of protocols such as DMX, DALI, KNX, Casambi and the integration with Dalcnet, a brand with a strong vocation for the design and production of dimmers for lighting.

This is why DIGIMAX provides consultancy support to the customer in the design, production and customisation phases of numerous products and increasingly innovative and high-performance LED lighting solutions.

DIGIMAX LED lighting solutions

The strength of the DIGIMAX group as a partner supplier is the ability to support the customer in the pre and after-sales phases in the commercial offer and integrated logistics, with know-how and market-recognised capacities.

Alimentatore Driver LED Mean Well XLG

LED drivers

guaranteed in quality and safety by the latest international standards.

Dimmer LED per applicazioni Casambi

LED dimmer

DMX controllers, DALI and LED lighting control units to create light and colour effects in the various shades of white and RGB.

Strisce led standard e neon flex al silicone

LED strips

for outdoor and indoor applications available in various sizes and lengths. To offer the best lighting conditions.

With over 25 years of experience, DIGIMAX offers focused advice within the LED Lighting ecosystem, carefully selecting the best partners and products to ensure project quality and technological innovation.