BOXER-8251: World's smallest embedded supercomputer for AI applications

Published : 06/01/2021 16:30:00

Winner of the Taiwan Excellence Award 2021, the BOXER-8521AI embedded PC combines the flexibility of PoE implementation with Google® Edge™ TPU in a rugged, fanless system designed to bring AI Edge Computing anywhere in the industrial process. The PD PoE port increases the flexibility of this device as well as allowing Internet connection and remote monitoring of the system via the same cable, thus reducing installation complexity.

BOXER-8521AI - PC embedded per applicazioni AI

What are the features of an embedded PC for AI?

The BOXER-8521AI is used for AI Edge Computing applications and thanks to Google Edge TPU, developers and users implementing the BOXER-8521AI have access to Google's suite of training software, AutoML Vision Edge. This innovative software helps developers quickly develop and train artificial intelligence models using Google's extensive cloud services, then export the model to BOXER-8521AI and Google Edge TPU. The system supports TensorFlow Lite, a framework that enables more efficient models, improved system performance and processing speed.

The BOXER-8521AI is built rugged, with fanless construction to keep out dust and contaminants, ensuring reliable, long-lasting operation. The system can also be operated at temperatures from -5° C to +50° C without loss of performance. The BOXER-8521AI is equipped with a flexible I/O loadout that includes COM, HDMI, two USB3.2 Gen 1 and two USB2.0 ports. It also features a 40-pin multi-I/O port to connect to more sensors and controllers, such as machine vision cameras and industrial temperature sensors.


PC embedded industriale per applicazioni di Intelligenza Artificiale

What are the main features of the BOXER-8521AI embedded PC for AI?

  • GbE PoE / PD x 1
  • USB3.2 Gen 1 x 2 and USB2.0 x 2
  • Mic-in & Line-out
  • Support MEMS x 2 (Optional)
  • Built-in WiFi 2x2 MIMO (802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4/5GHz) & Bluetooth 4.1


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