The first workshop in Italy dedicated to Casambi-certified light control

Published : 08/01/2023 08:45:00

The Casambi technology represents the most developed and innovative open smart lighting ecosystem on the market, and thanks to the wireless lighting control it is a dynamic and immediate platform to configure and use, especially within indoor applications.

Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy technology and the Casambi mesh network it is possible to say goodbye to invasive wiring and on-site maintenance, through a single management of lighting in the cloud.

Casambi technology can be integrated natively within lighting devices, LED drivers or light sources, thus representing an easy-to-install and extremely functional solution.

Digimax is Casambi official distributor and certified Commissioning Partner

For several years now, Digimax has been the official distributor of Casambi products for Italy and since 2023 it has been a Commissioning Partner, after having obtained four 4C certifications, the highest level of training high released by Casambi.

This acknowledgment represents the culmination of a path obtained after years of practical experience in planning Casambi lighting projects. The examination to become a Commissioning Partner is extremely selective and can only be passed after a 2-day assessment at the Casambi headquarters in Espoo, Finland, in which the skills in creating and commissioning various networks are evaluated Casambi.

This path represents the highest recognition by Casambi and certifies the Digimax team among the best experts in the field of professional lighting.

The first Casambi-certified course in Italy

To share the latest Casambi news and the know-how developed over the years, Digimax has organized the first Casambi-certified course in Italy.

Through the Casambi Academy it is possible to delve deeper into the theoretical and practical aspects of the most widespread wireless lighting technology on the market, developing the knowledge necessary to understand and create innovative wireless lighting projects. The format will be unique: subscribers will be able to take advantage of a series of exclusive video tutorials in Italian, through which it will be possible to remotely explore all the functions and peculiarities of the Casambi system and application.

At the end of this path, it will finally be possible to participate in a full-day workshop, completely dedicated to the management of Casambi networks and products, through case studies, examples and functions under development. The exact date will be communicated in the coming months.

The live session will see the participation of Casambi-certified Product Managers and will be held in Altavilla Vicentina at the Dalcnet corporate headquarters. To facilitate learning of the application, Digimax will also provide participants with a practical demo case that contains a wide range of products to simulate a real Casambi lighting project.

Valigetta Demo per realizzare impianti di illuminazione Casambi

The details of the Casambi course

The Casambi Academy envisages the sharing of exclusive video tutorials focused on specific concepts and functions of the Casambi application and technology. After having learned terms and concepts useful for the set-up of a Casambi network, it will therefore be possible to participate in the live session organized at the Dalcnet headquarters, in which case studies and specific functions will be studied in depth with the collaboration of specialized product managers.

The cost of the course for the first enrollees will be €250 for each participant which can be completely refunded following the purchase of Casambi products for a minimum value of €1,500 (to be made within the calendar year of the course).

The cost of the course will be invoiced to the company name indicated on the registration form.

Don't waste time and sign up to make one of the 10 available spots yours.

  • Exclusive video tutorials
  • An interactive workshop in the presence of specialized technicians
  • Casambi demo case to practice with and develop your knowledge
  • Casambi Certification
  • Focus on case studies and professional lighting projects

Digimax è partner certificato Casambi per l'Italia

What topics will be covered in the Casambi course?

The topics covered in the course will include all the information relating to the creation and sharing of a Casambi network, the functionality of the lamps, the use and configuration of presence sensors, timers, scenarios, animations and much more.

Here are the main themes of the day:

  • Time base scene
  • Timer
  • Manual control
  • Control hierarchy
  • Presence sensors
  • Brightness sensor
  • Daytime scenes
  • Smart switch

The new generation of Dalcnet LED dimmers with integrated Casambi technology will also be presented. Through this, it is possible to manage the potential of the entire technology proposed by Casambi in a simple and integrated way.

Digimax premiata tra le migliori aziende in Italia

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