At Lumi Expo 2019 the latest technologies for smart buildings and smart cities

Published : 10/25/2019 09:15:02

Digimax a Lumi Expo 2019 per presentare le ultime novità sullo smart building

LUMI EXPO 2019 is the unique professional event for the smart sector, from building 4.0 to smart city. LUMI presents tehcnologies, innovative products and solutions for smart spaces: interconnected, safe and efficient. With international speakers, a big expo area, matching and networking events, a full programme of free workshops and classis, LUMI tells of innovation and digital trasformation for the built environment.


LUMI Expo gives voice to experts and system integration professionals to focus on dialogue with each other. With exhibition spaces, demo areas and conferences, LUMI Expo helps to interpret the new trends and development opportunities of the integration market, promoting business opportunities throughout the supply chain.

Digimax and Lumi 2019 for lighting solutions


Digimax, within this event, will present to the public the latest, interesting solutions in the field of lighting management and control for smart building.

During LUMI Expo 2019, the entire ecosystem lighting proposed by Digimax will be presented with particular focus on brands such as Mean Well, Snappy, Eaglerise, Oring, Colors, Casambi and Dalcnet.

Mean Well does not need any introduction and with its products has conquered the market; will be presented the latest incredible families of power supplies and LED drivers such as the XLG LED driver series and the KNX series dedicated to the control and management of smart buildings through the homonymous communication standard.

It will also find space Snappy with the last linear LED driver series and the SDL DALI 2.0 series, and of course Eaglerise with the FLS DALI 2.0 LED driver series.

Digimax will show specific applications dedicated to Smart Street Lighting by Oring for the remote management of street lighting in the new Smart Cities with Lora protocol.

Digimax will also present the latest news from the brand Colors with a particular focus on the latest generations of 3D Neon Strip foldable in all directions, certified up to IP68 and dimensionable according to all requirements.

Finally, the latest lighting control solutions proposed by Casambi and Dalcnet with some leading products including CBU-ASD-C-1000, CBU-CESR, CBU-TED-526, timer-casambi and XPRESS.

The event is just around the corner and Digimax has the opportunity to reserve for its partners free access. Do not waste time and get in touch with us.


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