Professional Ethernet switches for industrial automation and IoT applications

The continuous developments related to industrial automation and IoT require increasingly high-performance communication networks and it is for this reason that Digimax, in partnership with ORing, proposes specific solutions in the field of network communications.

Intelligent production applications, smart city and industrial automation are the main focus of ORing, world leader in the design and manufacture of Industrial Ethernet Switches, Poe Switches, Racks, Media Converter and Access Points. The reference markets are the surveillance, rail transport, industrial automation, electrical substations, renewable energy and marine industries.

What are the main features of industrial Ethernet switches?

All Oring Ethernet Switch are characterised by an extremely miniaturised and compact housing with an extended operating temperature; this feature allows use in confined and difficult spaces.

Ethernet switches are divided into two main categories:

  • Unmanaged: unmanaged switches where a simple connection via RJ45 port is sufficient to have data transit immediately;
  • Managed: managed switches that require specific settings to operate with advanced functionality.

Within the two families we find a further classification with regard to data transmission speed:

  • 10/100 speed or fast ethernet;
  • 10/100/1000 speed or gigabit ethernet.

Switch Ethernet industriale ORing 5 porte IES-150B

What are the fundamental certifications for quality switches and access points?

Over the years, numerous certifications dedicated to specific markets have been introduced to guarantee quality products. The ORing products proposed by Digimax fully meet the requirements of safety and reliability; here below the detail:

  • IRIS: company certification to guarantee a very high level of production quality in railway application
  • ATEX/C1D2: specific for flammable and explosive environments. Required within Oil&Gas and mining applications
  • IEC-61850/IEEE1613: SmartGrid for energy substations
  • EN50155/EN50121: specific for the rail sector
  • IEC-60945: dedicated to diving and marine applications


Oring solutions for industrial networking

The Ethernet switches proposed by Digimax are network devices that can connect a wide variety of devices, such as within IP camera surveillance applications.

These devices are therefore concerned with transmitting data between several devices connected to the same network: here are some of the most widely used proposals:

Unmanaged switch with 10/100 speed:

IES-150B: unmanaged switch 10/100 with 5 ports

IES-1080A: unmanaged switch 10/100 with 8 ports

Unmanaged switch with Gigabit speed 10/100/1000:

IGS-1080A: unmanaged switch 10/100/1000 with 8 ports

IGS-150B: unmanaged switch 10/100/1000 with 5 ports

Managed Switch with 10/100/1000 Gigabit speed and 2 fibre optic ports:

IES-3082GP: 10/100 RJ45 switch managed + 2x100/1000Base-X SFP ports for remote data transfer with 8 ports


Switch Ethernet ORing per applicazioni IoT IES-3082GP