PHP-3500-HV high voltage digital industrial power supply unit

Published : 07/26/2022 10:00:00

With the trend of new industrial applications, the demand for high voltage power supplies is continuously increasing. For this reason Digimax, in close collaboration with Mean Well, proposes the new series of PHP-3500-HV digital power supplies , a solution able to cover a wide range of applications such as charging systems, laser devices. and LED, burn-in test and in general for applications that need to work with high output voltage.

Alimentatori digitali Mean Well ad alta tensione

PHP-3500-HV: high voltage digital power supply unit

The PHP-3500-HV series provides 115V, 230V and 380V output voltages, which are among the most widely used within high voltage applications . The structure of the fanless power supply allows greater resistance to dust and industrial environments, dissipating the heat generated by conduction.

Furthermore, the output voltage can be adjusted in three ways.

  • With the integrated potentiometer;
  • Through the programmable PV/PC function: in this way it is possible to adjust output voltage and current in customized motion;
  • Through digital communication functions such as CANBus / PMBus, which can be integrated into the human-machine interface system for control.

Alimentatore industriale ad alta tensione Mean Well

The PHP-3500-HV series complies with the safety certification EN / UL62368 specification and meets the OVC III design. In addition, the PHP-3500-HV series offers multiple functions such as remote on / off control, auxiliary power output and full digital design, conversion efficiency up to 96%, the support for communication functions and compact design; we can therefore say that PHP-3500-HV is able to offer all the most up-to-date functions of security and reliability.


Applicazioni industriali per bus di campo seriale CAN-bus

The characteristics of an industrial high voltage power supply: PHP-3500-HV

  • High voltage output with 115V, 230V, 380VDC
  • Fanless design
  • Programmable output voltage and current level
  • CANBus / PMBus
  • Integrated remote ON / OFF signal and DC OK signal
  • Compliant with regulations EN/UL62368, EAC, CE and OVC III


Alimentatori industriali digitali ad alta tensione

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