PlacePod: IoT-enabled smart parking sensor for parking management

Published : 05/03/2020 15:24:28

The traffic and parking area management is one of the main points related to the concept of smart city. PlacePod® is an IoT-enabled intelligent parking sensor for public and private parking management, capable of providing real-time parking data by communicating with a LoRa® gateway.

The technical features of these products are very respectable: thanks to the long life guaranteed by the battery (up to 10 years) and the resistance to temperature and humidity fluctuations, PlacePod® can be used anywhere, without any kind of wiring.

Sensori di parcheggio intelligenti PlacePod® di PNI

Technical features of the PlacePod® parking sensor

  • The PlacePod® sensor includes the industry's most accurate magnetic presence sensor, providing high levels of performance for up to 10 years;
  • Thanks to the integrated LoRa® communication protocol, the PlacePod® is able to communicate with an LPWAN gateway at a distance of km;
  • Sensors and algorithms are constantly updated with wireless technology through the PNI mobile application in order to optimize energy consumption and reliability over time;
  • Through PNI Parking Cloud Service you can experience the entire PNI solution; a dedicated dashboard for the management and monitoring of all parking resources and data, including installation, verification, diagnostics, monitoring and reporting.


Smart Parking Sensors PlacePod Series

Ideal applications and markets for PlacePod®:

  • Smart Parking and parking management
  • Smart City and vehicular traffic management
  • Management of shopping and residential centres

In-ground PlacePod® is the preferred model among the products presented because the positioning of the PlacePod® below the parking surface provides the safest and longest lasting installation. Installing this product below ground level is a great way to protect the sensor from the weather and excessive temperature changes, not to mention mechanical shocks and vandalism.


Surface-mount PlacePod® is the solution to be favoured in certain particular circumstances, such as in car parks or other applications where the capacity to dig the parking space is limited. The structure is obviously adapted to this use (resistant up to 2 tons) and the installation procedure remains simple and immediate.


PlacePod® Vehicle Counting

The Vehicle Counting (VC) sensor is the latest addition to the PlacePod® family. This product is capable of calculating vehicles passing through driveways and designated inputs and outputs, offering greater accuracy than traditional ring counters and infrared sensors. Real-time information on the vehicle counting can be shared with parking guidance systems and variable message signs to improve the accuracy of parking occupancy information, guiding drivers to available spaces.

The integration of real-time parking data from the intelligent PlacePod® parking sensors can help reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, as well as improve urban mobility and increase parking revenue.


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