Professional LED strip for high voltage 230Vac power supply application

Published : 07/28/2020 18:01:00

In professional LED lighting Digimax continues to innovate and thanks to Colors, company partner specialized in LED lighting solutions, a new certified LED strip with 230Vac supply voltage is presented. Thanks to the experience gained in the design and production of a wide family of LED strips certified such as pixel-to-pixel neon flex RGB and flexible COF LED strips, a LED strip that can be directly connected to the home network is now available on the market. Thanks to the full-potted resin coating technology and the double CE/CB certification, this strip is in fact safe, reliable and resistant.

What are the characteristics of the 230V LED strip?

One of the main advantages of this type of product is undoubtedly the possibility to connect the LED strip directly to the home network, without the need to use power supplies or rectifiers. Analyzing in detail the main features of this led strip you can guess the reasons why this led strip stands out in the wide market of high voltage strips. With a power of 12W/m, an efficiency of 100 lm/W and 104 led/m this lighting solution is in fact the perfect combination of performance and quality. In order to ensure high performance and constant CCT and light output over time, special attention has been paid to the problem of overheating. Thanks to the technical characteristics mentioned above, it is in fact possible to maintain a low operating temperature, to the advantage of the lighting quality offered.

The complete resin coating using full-potted technology also guarantees the highest safety standards; in this way, possible contacts with live electrical parts are to be avoided during installation and/or bending of the strip. Thanks to this technology, the lighting device is more robust and resistant to shocks or bending, a feature that distinguishes it from the more common strip led consumer which instead offer very often a simple semi-vacuum silicone tube that, if bent or subjected to mechanical stress, can not guarantee the safety and robustness that instead guarantees the fully-potted technology. Here are the technical characteristics:

  • 104 led/m
  • Maximum length 50mt
  • IP65 (full silicone)
  • 3-year warranty
  • 1300 lumen
  • 100 lm/W
  • CE/CB approved
  • Double-sided adhesive tape suitable for outdoor use


Striscia led ad alta tensione pronta all'uso senza utilizzo di driver led

Full-potted technology. What is it and how does it improve the security of the LED strip?

The market of high voltage led strips is divided into series of products characterized by low power and few led/m and high power series with a good number of led/m. Both of these types of lighting devices have proven their limits over the years.

The 230V led strips with low power and few led/m have in fact the defect of not being able to develop a high brightness, as well as emphasize the dotting effect; 230V high power led strips with a good number of led/m are not affected by the dotting effect but are affected by high overheating that leads to rapid wear of the components.

To overcome this problem Colors and Digimax have developed a led strip with a power of 12 W and equipped with 104 led/m, able to combine the optimal quality of lighting, to the longevity of the product, without compromising on safety and reliability.

How to safely connect the LED strip to the power grid?

The installation of LED strips for domestic applications is very simple. In fact, no specific power supplies are required but given the presence of high voltage it is necessary to pay particular attention to safety. Precisely for this reason Digimax offers a certified and safe linear lighting solution; with full-potted technology the led strip is in fact completely resined.

There are only 5 steps to connect the led strip:

  1. Cut the led strip and make sure to clean the contact surface
  2. Apply the silicone cover leaving the solder pad exposed
  3. Insert the head of the led strip inside the connector
  4. Tighten the screws in the front section of the connector
  5. Tighten the screws in the side section of the connector

How to control and regulate home lighting?

To complete the proposal with regard to high voltage lighting solutions, Digimax proposes dimmer Dalcnet DAC230-1CH which, thanks to its features, allows the installer to select the minimum dimming value that can be set and therefore allows to set advanced lighting effects by selecting the on/off ramp of the led strip according to the customer's needs.

If you are looking for simple and ready-to-use home lighting solutions, Digimax can follow you with a personalized consultancy; don't miss this opportunity.

  • C23012W3K: 12W - 3000K - 1100lm - Cut 26led/250mm
  • C23012W4K: 12W - 4000K - 1300lm - Cut 26led/250mm
  • C23012W3K-50: 12W - 3000K - 1100lm - Cut 26led/250mm - 50m
  • C23012W4K-50: 12W - 4000K - 1300lm - Cut 26led/250mm - 50m


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