What is it and why choose Hall-Effect technology?

Published : 05/16/2023 10:30:00


The Hall effect represents an electromagnetic reaction through which a potential difference is developed when an electric current flows through a conductor. The resulting magnetic field develops perpendicular to the flow of electric current and this particular effect is therefore used within a wide range of solutions and technologies.

Hall effect devices are extremely versatile and are widely used in speed, position and proximity sensors that require high accuracy and reliability.

Tecnologia Hall-Effect per joystick e moduli di controllo - Digimax

The advantages of Hall-Effect technology

Hall-Effect technology is an electromagnetic effect discovered and investigated during the 1800s that is used today within a wide spectrum of applications and devices. Thanks to this technology it is in fact possible to develop reliable and long-lasting solutions, this due to the absence of friction and mechanical wear given the nature of the contactless technology.

The Hall-Effect joystick and control modules produced by APEM are therefore particularly suitable for applications with low operating force, where the output voltage varies according to the position of the actuator.


Le principali tipologie di Interferenza Elettromagnetica EMI

Why choose Hall-Effect technology?

The joysticks proposed by Digimax are used in HMI applications that require movement on two or more axes and for this reason their market demand is increasingly high. Not all man-machine interfaces are the same and the technology on which they are based has undergone evolutions and improvements over time, from analog joysticks to hall joysticks -effect and CAN bus control modules.

So what are the main reasons for choosing hall-effect technology?

  • Versatilityà: the hall-effect devices are transversal and adaptable within numerous applications of use;
  • Longevity: thanks to the contactless technology, the Hall effect limits the wear of the components, increasing the life expectancy of the components involved beyond 10 million cycles;
  • Reliability: these devices can resist high voltage peaks without suffering any kind of damage. Hall effect joysticks are also characterized by excellent electromagnetic immunity;
  • Safety: it is possible to set redundant output signals in order to detect any operating error such as the output voltage out of the reference range;
  • Design: made with few components, Hall effect joysticks are simple to assemble and their production requires few assembly steps; this improves the quality/price ratio of these components compared for example to joystick with potentiometer.

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